Amish Fireplace Mantles & Reduced Heating Bills!

There's a reason why are so many people are captivated by the Amish fireplace mantle miracle heaters. With high unemployment levels and uncertain job markets, many of us are feeling the crunch. Exorbitant heating bills loom on the horizon.

The Original Dutchman­­™ Fireplace is the answer. People come to rely on the trusted Dutch Legacy name - a world leader in providing solutions to home heating needs. Hundreds of thousands of American homes nationwide benefit from significant savings realized by happy consumers. This additive heat source implements zone heating...simply take your Original Dutchman­­™ Fireplace with you from room to room.

Along with its enveloping warmth, the beauty and decor of it transform even the simplest of family rooms to new dimensions - everyone gravitates to it. In fact, the whole household hangs out around your portable fireplace.

• The mantles are hand crafted in the heart of Amish Country. After all, it's where the idea originated. You will treasure the beautifully detailed workmanship. Each Amish mantle exemplifies the tradition of hand made excellence.

• This miracle heater - so called because of it's patented Fireless Flame technology, is smoke smell...just plug into any standard outlet, sit back and treat yourself to an ambience not only sensationally soothing but also enchanting cozy. The flickering flame of a seemingly true-to-life fire is there for you to enjoy.

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Why Amish Built Mantles?

Why Amish? With their trademark "attention to detail", they meticulously craft each individual mantle and assemble the miracle heater to exacting specifications unparalleled in the industry. One employee in the workplace is quoted as saying, "Dad taught me whatever you do, do it right!" Then he grins "And we're doing it right!"