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Custom Fireplaces

Are you having a hard time finding exactly what you are looking for?  That is where we come in.  We can create any mantle that you would need.  We have a lot of options for wood type, stain type and can create any design to fit your needs and style.

Hiland room

First, we will need to have a good visual idea of what you are looking for.  This is easier than it sounds though.  All we need is a sample picture with a description of the changes you would like from that given model, or even a drawing with a good explanation will do as well.  We try not to make it into rocket science if it doesn’t have to be.

Next, you will want to choose your wood type.  We have a lot of options for this, including Cherry, Oak, and Maple. Don’t be afraid to ask for a certain type of wood that is not listed here though, because we can find and use almost anything you come up with!

Same Stain, Different Wood
Same wood, different stain

Last, you will need to pick a stain.  Once again, we have a lot to choose from, but we generally use Ohio Certified Stains.  You can find pictures and names of these stains Here: OCS Stain Website

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